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Month: December 2016

Give Me Some Credit!

My Credit Card is Showing Some Signs of Withdrawal

I did something crazy this weekend and traveled two states away to see my brothers and their families.

I have a BP visa card from Chase. I was filling our van up with gas in Pennsylvania and it got declined.

Give me some credit

Ironic Occurrence Number 1: My BP Visa Card was declined when I was filling up with gas at a BP station!

Actually, I didn’t know it was declined at the time. The readout at the pump said “see cashier”. So, I tried again and it failed again and told me to “see cashier” again.

So, ya know what I did? I went and saw the cashier.

He was a nice guy with a Indian accent. Who’d a thunk it? A guy from India at a gas station? Yep. He was very helpful and told me “I vas sviping it too vast”. So, he came out with me and showed me how to “svipe” it slower. And after he did…the result was still “see cashier”.

Ironic Occurrence Number 2: The gas pump told the cashier he should see himself.

So, I used my other credit card and it worked fine.

I immediately called the phone number on the back of the card and I spoke to another person from India. This time I think the person was actually located in India! She told me my credit card was placed “on hold” for security reasons. She then asked me all sorts of verifying questions; mother’s maiden name, last four digits of my social security number, whether I was circumcised or not and then told me everything was okay and my purchases should go through from now on.

And, that’s not what happened.

Ironic Occurrence Number 3: That’s not what happened.

When I was in New York State it got declined again. It got shot down when I was at Rite Aid buying bubble solution for my niece and a 12 pack of Milwaukee’s Best Ice. So, I called them again from my brother’s house. This time, me and yet another person from India got into more detail about whyit was declined. They told me it was because I was using the card in different locations and this was setting off security triggers with their computer system. These checks and balances are in place in case someone steals my credit card and the card and then goes crazy with it.

This brings about Ironic Occurrence Number 4:

Ironic Occurrence Number 4: The credit card company’s supercomputers assume that people who steal credit cards immediately splurge by traveling to Lockport, NY on Memorial Day weekend while making purchases no more flamboyant than bubble solution and Milwaukee’s Best Ice.

I called them again and they told me everything was okay. And so far, it has been.

But on second thought, I haven’t used it again yet.

Ironic Occurrence Number 5: I might have ended this article too soon.

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